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Associació Sèlvans

People taking care of forests,

forests taking care of people

“Sèlvans” works to preserve the oldest forests of our contrades as well as primal rainforests across the Earth. 

After 10 years as a program, “Sèlvans” becomes an association in 2017.

Help us preserve the “old quarter” of our forests, a unique and irreplaceable natural heritage.

Please contact us under (gladly in English) and we will present you a proposal.

200 km and 6 stages to help take care of nature, and our beloved heritage… at your own pace!

SOS Costa Brava and Sèlvans, following the call of Alan Fortuny, sportsman, ecologist and adventurer, are organizing Protecting Homethe non-profit run, which has the aim of raising funds to help both our organizations deploy our missions: help both our most mature forests, and the Costa Brava. Because enjoying and loving nature also implies taking care of her. 

Taking into account actual circumstances, we’ve configured Protecting Home as an “OPEN” run, which means that you have 3 months to do the run, whenever you want, and at your own pace. By doing this we avoid crowding people together, and lower the impact on the natural heritage we aim to protect in the first place.

You can participate from September 18th until December 13th..

You’ll find all the information and link to the registration desk at

We would be very grateful if you could help us spread the word. Take care

Active collaborations

Sèlvans works in collaboration with:

We wish to thank the support of the following enterprises and entities:

We will be progressively translating the content to English, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Let’s Sum up Thirteen Years of Sélvans’ Diagnosis, Conservation and Stewardship of Our Most Exquisite Heritage – The Forest

We are in a position to continue achieving great advances regarding the valorization of our most valuable forsts. We call upon public and private actors to join us!

Highlight projects:

Healing Forests in Girona Province

Villages of Girona, Caldes de Malavella, Olot, Tossa de Mar, Vidrà, Sant Hilari Sacalm and La Jonquera

Compensanatura initiative

Help preserve m2 of high natural value forests of an equal area that you occupy.

#EscolaSelvans campaign

Working to implicate Schools and High Schools with the preservation of the oldest forests.

Corporate environmental volunteering

For companies: action on the field, awareness raising, and experiencing of biodiversity.

We encourage you to become a Sèlvans agent!

I'd like to collaborate on an individual sphere

We encourage you to become an “Sèlvans Agent”, spread the word, and help us grow the community of agents.

We'd like to collaborate as an enterprise

We offer you progress your corporate responsibility, environmental volunteering, and cause marketing.

I am a forest owner

We’re in touch with more than 100 forest owners who are sensible to old-growth-forests.

I'd like to become a Selvans associated member

We want to build synergies with public administrations, research centers, and local partners.

Lines of work


We preserve the “old quarter” of the forests


We promote #HealingForests and #ForestBathing


Healing forest guidance / #EscolaSèlvans campaign / Corporate Volunteering


We explore the benefits of forests on people’s health and wellbeing.